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Save the Date! Thursday, October 4, 2018 | Blue Back Square | West Hartford, CT

Survivor Fashion Show

Meet our Fashion Show models! Check back often as new models are added!

April Lionberger

April is a two-time breast cancer survivor from Glastonbury. Having breast cancer has pushed April to try to inspire and motivate others. April is a mother of 3, a preschool teacher a kayak and stand-up paddle board instructor and just finished her first Ironman Triathlon race in August.

Catherine Downs

Catherine from Coventry is coming up on her fifth year as a survivor! Catherine has led the Pink Ladies team for the Hartford More Than Pink Walk for four years now and this year was one of the top 10 teams. After having breast cancer, Catherine lives for the moment, takes nothing for granted and spends her free time traveling and being with friends and family.

Camille Ferreira

Camille is a two-and-a-half-year survivor from West Hartford. Camille is one of the moms from the local “Moms Time Out” TV show and brand and has two daughters- Maya and Ali. Camille’s advice to other about breast cancer is “when cancer pushes you, let if push you forward! Dig deep, your inner strength and beauty will shine.”

Cheryl Udin

This year, Cheryl from Bolton celebrated 30 years as a survivor!! After having cancer, Cheryl has decided to live life to the fullest. Cheryl drives a bus for her local senior center, plays golf, does yoga and walks five miles a day. She has also been volunteering for Komen New England for 25 years.

Cynthia Newman Gibson

Cynthia from Hartford is coming up on her 11th year as a survivor. Having breast cancer has strengthened Cynthia’s faith, taught her to take one day at a time and to not be afraid to ask for help! Cynthia facilitates a cancer support group at her church and enjoys participating in the Komen New England More Than Pink Walks.

Erin Lavery

Erin form Norwalk is celebrating her fourth year as a survivor this month. While breast cancer has affected so much of her life, Erin is thankful for the many wonderful women she has met and connected with because of her diagnosis. Erin suggests that you always trust your instinct and advocate for yourself.

Fil Montanye

Fil just celebrated her third year as a survivor in August. Having breast cancer made Fil realize how strong she is and how important the power of positive thinking is. Having met so many amazing strong women on her journey, Fil is now dedicated to giving back to those who are being newly diagnosed. Fil lives in Meriden, has two sons and a husband of 27 years and when she’s not binging HGTV, you can find her on the beach in her Jeep!

Jenn Paul

Jenn from Avon has been a survivor for close to a year and a half. Jenn is bolder and braver for having gone through treatment and her outlook on life has changed for the better; she enjoys the simple things and makes sure that her loved ones know how special they are to her. Jenn is a child/adolescent psychologist and loves spending time with her husband and two kids.

Jenny Malave

Jenny is an 11-year survivor from Hartford. Jenny’s advice to women about breast cancer is to be strong and surround yourself with loved ones. Jenny is thankful to the Komen community for supporting her through her journey with breast cancer. Jenny loves working with children, enjoying music and spending time with her family.

Katharine Chaney-Jones

Katharine is a two-time breast cancer survivor from Manchester. Katharine’s advice to men and women who may have recently been diagnosed is “don’t think it’s the end, concentrate on getting through to the next day.” Katharine likes to think big and build solutions to solve problems, she also has a knack for gardening.

Kathleen McDaniel

Kathy is a four-year survivor from west Hartford. When she was first diagnosed, Kathy was scared and felt lost; she was able to turn to Komen to get in touch with other young survivors who were able to offer advice and support. Now Kathy is able to offer advice of her own: “breast cancer occurs in women with no history of breast cancer in the family- I am one of those women.” Kathy is a high school history teacher and mother of two- Sean and Clare who were her rock and reason she fought so hard to be here today.

Kim Granitto

Kim from Watertown is a two-year breast cancer survivor. Kim is a huge advocate for awareness and early detection, which was paramount in her case when a baseline MRI was done and two areas of enhancement were found. Kim has been supporting Komen in Hartford for more years than she can count and she says “it has been an honor to support and now I am on the other side as a survivor. The caring and love is the same no matter what side you are on.”

Laurie Gammons

Laurie will be celebrating her third year as a survivor in April! Laurie’s diagnosis made her realize she wants to make sure she does everything she wants to in this life, especially enjoying time with her children and family. Laurie feels passionately that mammograms are the key to finding cancer early. Laurie is a hockey/baseball/dance mom of three from Higganum who loves to read.

Leslie Balchunas

Leslie from West Hartford is an 18-year survivor! Having breast cancer has made Leslie aware of how important it is to get regular mammograms. Her advice to others is to stay positive! Leslie is a foodie and loves to cook, she is always thinking about others and sharing her kindness.

Mary Hasbrouck

Mary is an 11-year survivor from Middletown. Since being diagnosed, Mary found the importance of faith, humor, family and friends and being grateful for each day. Mary wants other survivors to know they are not alone and there is a lot of support available. Mary is finally no longer living one day at a time; she is now living for the future and excited about upcoming trips next year!

Nancy Frobel

Nancy from West Hartford is a six-year survivor. When asked how breast cancer has affected her life, Nancy said “As difficult it was to go through treatments including surgery and chemo and radiation it gave me such an appreciation for life and support of my family. Every day is a gift.” Nancy is a mother of three, grandmother of six about to seven wonderful grandchildren who keep her active and busy and wife to a wonderful husband who has supported her throughout her journey.

Robin Pettini

Robin from Canton is a one-and-a-half-year survivor. Having had breast cancer, Robin has truly learned to appreciate every moment and to not sweat the small stuff. Her advice to others is to take one day at a time and lean on others when you need support. Robin was a drummer for 10 years and was also one of the first women to work in a firehouse as an EMT in the mid 80’s!

Ronni Newton

Ronni is an 11-year survivor from West Hartford. After having breast cancer, Ronni realize that a positive and “fighting” attitude can make a major difference. Ronni says the best thing you can do when diagnosed is fight it, talk about it and share your story, because if you help just one person get an early diagnosis, you will have had an incredible impact on another’s life. Ronni is a runner who has ran two full marathons, over a dozen half marathons and once ran home from the hospital after treatment (5.5 miles) just because she could!

Shirley Ernst

Shirley just celebrated her 22nd year as a survivor! Shirley has learned to embrace life to the fullest. She participates in the Komen 3-Day and will be doing her 18th and 19th walks this year! Shirley’s advice is to be positive and to be your own advocate. Shirley is a retired university professor from Willington, she enjoys crocheting dolls to raise money for her 3-Day walks.

Simone Corriveau

Simone is an 11-year survivor from Plainville. After having breast cancer, Simone has a new appreciation for life and works on dismissing negativity and not taking anything for granted. Simone’s advice is to know your body and always stay on top of annual physicals. Simone is a realtor with Keller Williams and has two grandsons, Noah and Maverick.

Susan Lane

Susan is a 17-year survivor! Susan considers it her responsibility to be a source of hope and encouragement for others who are facing breast cancer. Susan believes “We are stronger together and need to know we have caring supportive people to reach out to!” Susan lives in Avon, has a beautiful 2-year old granddaughter and has a goal to write a book and host a TED talk in the coming years.

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Thursday, October 4, 2018 | 5:00 – 8:00PM

Blue Back Square
West Hartford, CT
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