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Save the Date! Thursday, October 4, 2018 | Blue Back Square | West Hartford, CT

Survivor Fashion Show (2017)

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Abigail Leets O’Brien

Abbie is a four-year survivor from West Hartford.

“My diagnosis left me feeling that I needed to ‘do something’. I kept looking for a way to make a difference, but didn’t know how. It was a deep need inside me, with my heart thinking about writing a book or starting a foundation. One year and one month after my diagnosis, I began my position as a development officer for UConn Health. To me, it’s the dream job.”

April Lionberger

April is a four and a half-year survivor from Glastonbury.

After her diagnosis, April started running and became a triathlete. She is planning on participating in her first Ironman triathlon next year to celebrate 5 years since her first diagnosis!

Barbara Puffer

Barbara has beat breast cancer twice, the first time 30 years ago, the second 5 years ago. Barbara served on the founding committees for the Komen Race and Affiliate and her team, the Puffer’s Pals have walked in 31 Komen Races all over the country! How has breast cancer changed her life?

“My breadth of experience and personal time have allowed me to speak to groups and individuals — friends and strangers — for 3 decades about my experiences and available resources. I’ve seen significant Komen research fund changes in diagnosis and treatment over the 25 years since I first got involved in CT.”

Camille Ferreira

Camille is a survivor of 1 year and 6 months from West Hartford. Camille is an avid spinner at Tribe studio and co-host on WHCTV’s “Mom’s Time Out”.

“Having cancer has opened my eyes to do the things I never thought I could before. No holding back, no fear. I have much more passion and drive to make change in the world. Breast cancer has put me through a great journey and I’ve learned more than I ever thought I could. I wouldn’t change a thing from my experience.” Camille works for an Investment Management company and is a mom of two beautiful daughters.

Carey Penny

Carey is a three-year survivor from Vernon.

“There is not one piece of my life that hasn’t been affected by breast cancer. The affects haven’t all been negative, I have an appreciation for life’s simple joys and I found out how strong and resilient I can be.” Carey’s advice to women about breast cancer is to know your body and seek out help when something is not right!

Carol Corriveau

Carol is a 3-year survivor from Plainville.

“My hashtag during my cancer treatment was #KickAssCarol. This simple phrase became my battle cry and my mission. I had so many people cheering me on, supporting, encouraging and caring for my family that this hashtag became a force to be reckoned with! I still wear my #KickAssCarol bracelet daily as a reminder of what I have been through, how many kept me going and to always be grateful for this life I live!”

Cynthia Newman Gibson

Cynthia is a nine-year survivor from Hartford.

“During my breast cancer journey, I developed a deeper faith and trust in God and I am thankful for every day of life and the love of family and friends.”

Denise Newman Sinclair

Denise is a six-year survivor from Windsor.

She is very family oriented and believes God has blessed her with the gift of caring for others. Battling breast cancer has taught her let go & let God be in control. She surrounded herself with positive energy and tries to live a more stress free & spiritual life.

Donna Krystofik

On October 1st, Donna will be 3 year’s cancer-free!

“If it weren’t for breast cancer, I don’t think I would have ever realized how good my life really was and is. Cancer taught me the definition of happiness!” Donna’s advice on breast cancer is not to make excuses and waiting to take care of yourself- cancer does not discriminate!

Edite Calabrese

Edite from Middlebury is just over 3 months’ cancer-free.

Since her diagnosis, Edite has heavily advocated for early detection and encourages all women to take control of their health. “I didn’t realize until after my own diagnosis how many women this disease effects. I was astonished by statistics! Therefore, I have made a commitment to continue to do what I can to further awareness and hopefully see a cure in my lifetime.”

Elaine Lindsey

Elaine has beat breast cancer twice- once in 2015 and again this September!

“My advice to other women about breast cancer awareness is that you know your body better than anyone else so if you have a feeling something is not right, stick to your gut. Breast cancer doesn’t discriminate and anyone, any age can get it. It is never too early.”

Erin Lavery

Erin is a 3-year survivor from Norwalk, CT.

Erin explains that her diagnosis was a gift in disguise- “I have learned more about my true self, found more peace and passion for life and even changed careers because of it. I have also met some of the most incredibly strong and smart people I have ever known because of this disease.” She is thankful for the survivor support group she has been connected with via Komen and wants other women to know their body and advocate for themselves.

Flora Hacker

Flora is a two and a half-year survivor from Glastonbury.

Flora has been an RN for 37 years and still loves what she does, every day is a challenge and a continuous learning experience. Breast cancer has taught her to slow down, take care of herself first, stay healthy, relax and not worry too much…enjoy life!

Gina Pines

Gina lives in Avon and is a survivor of 13 years.

A professor at the University of Hartford and a recreational pilot, Gina says breast cancer has entirely changed her perspective on life and helped her re-prioritized what is really important, her family and friends.

Jean Levesque

Jean was diagnosed in June 2016 but since then the support she has received has made her humble, present and appreciative of the little things. Jean is an advocate of early detection and continues to share her story- “it is so important for survivors like me to have an outlet and ability to be with other survivors”.

Jenny Malave

Jenny from Hartford is celebrating 10 years as a breast cancer survivor! Jenny has worked in the Hartford Public School System as a Paraprofessional for 29 years working with young children under the age of 6. They have continued to be an inspiration to her throughout her career. “Breast cancer has given me a new appreciation on life. I value every moment of every day and live life to the fullest.”

Kathleen McDaniel

Kathy is celebrating her 3rd year as a survivor this October.

How has breast cancer changed Kathy’s life? “After my diagnosis and treatments I followed a new path in life…one that focused on enjoying the here and now, greater awareness of the kindness of strangers and a commitment to NEVER give up, to keep going when life got scary, to keep going when facing disappointments or when things didn’t go as planned or as hoped.”

Laurie Gammons

Laurie is a 2-and-a-half-year survivor from Higganum.

Laurie’s advice is to get checked every year- “early detection is key!” Having breast cancer has made Laurie live more in the moment and do more things for herself.

Lisa Mangiafico

Lisa is a two-time breast cancer survivor from Kensington.

Having breast cancer has made Lisa “dig deep inside myself and find a strength and perseverance for life.” She is now able to coach friends and family through difficult situations and is currently working on becoming a certified wellness coach in order to help others!

Lori Rodden

Lori is a 4 and a half-year survivor from Glastonbury.

She’s been married for 24 years to her best friend and loves to spend time on Cape Cod. Breast cancer has made Lori a better mom, “I even more fully appreciate the big and little moments in my daughters’ lives. I am also less intimidated by lots of things and/or people…I got through cancer, I can get though anything!”

Maggie Busel

Maggie is a survivor of 7 months from Unionville.

Besides being a huge Springsteen fan, Margaret is passionate about finding a cure and advising women to never put off taking care of their health. Margaret’s advice to other women with breast cancer is “don’t hold in your emotions- let people help you!”

Melinda Krusz

Melinda is celebrating 16 years as a survivor this year!!

A teacher of almost 40 years, Melinda enjoys sharing her story and encouraging others to keep fighting… “You realize that there is power in numbers (of survivors); especially when you attend a “walk” or gathering of other survivors. When I know someone who has been diagnosed or that I meet who is undergoing treatment, I always encourage them to keep fighting!”

Nancy Frobel

Nancy is a five-year survivor from West Hartford.

Married with three wonderful children and six beautiful grandchildren! Nancy embraces every day and appreciates every new day with my family and friends. Her advice is, early detection is important it can save your life, stay strong and positive.

Rebecca Stewart

Rebecca from South Windsor has been cancer free for 2 months now!

A mom, Army veteran and triathlon participant, Rebecca’s diagnosis has taught her that she is capable of anything she sets her mind to. Her advice to women about breast cancer is “take notice of abnormalities, catch it early and go all out with you mind and attitude to beat this!”

Ronni Newton

Ronnie is a 10-year survivor from West Hartford!

How has breast cancer changed her life? “It’s given me admission to a ‘club’ that I never would have chosen to join, but through that club I have met some of the strongest and bravest women! I’m a worrier by nature, but once you hear a doctor tell you that you have cancer, you have to be brave and fight. It’s make me realize that a positive and ‘fighting’ attitude can make a major difference!”

Simone Corriveau

This month marks 10 years as a survivor for Simone!!

Simone is a proud grandmother of two boys, she is proactive about her health and routine exams. When asked how breast cancer had changed her life, Simone said “I appreciate each and every day whether good or bad and am very thankful for all that I have and the people that surround me.”

Susan Lane

Susan is a 15-year survivor from Avon.

Susan became a grandmother last May to beautiful Chloe. Susan’s thoughts on how breast cancer has changed her life, “Facing something as scary as cancer made me learn to focus on making the most out of every moment and finding something to be grateful for each day. We can easily succumb to our troubles and become so entranced in negative thinking that it clouds our daily existence and overall joy. I choose to find peace and happiness in everyday living and help others recognize their beauty and value.”

Toni Pearce

Toni was diagnosed at age 31 and she is a currently living in Middlebury.

Toni’s advice to women about breast cancer? “I am a huge advocate for “feel it on the first”-a way to remember your monthly self-breast exam. We must continue to support research and increase awareness that it’s not just about pink ribbons, but about finding a cure-and to stop losing women to this deadly disease.”

Tracy Webb

Traci was diagnosed in December 2016 and is now cancer free!

Even though she is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, having breast cancer really made Traci realize just how strong she is. Traci’s advice is that with a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude, you can overcome anything!

Victoria Mazzarelli

Victoria is a 11-year survivor from Torrington, CT!

As a ballet dancer, she has been able to travel the world and now teach ballet as the Artistic Director for the Nutmeg Conservatory. Victoria’s advice about breast cancer is “make sure to schedule mammograms regularly, take time for family and friends, love yourself and know that you are not alone.”

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